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The ASBL (non -profit association) aims to contribute to:

  • The protection of people and the environment against all risks that can affect their safety, in particular ionising radiation.
  • The promotion and improvement of nuclear, radiological and industrial techniques by supporting extensive research in domains such as chemistry, radiochemistry, materials, modelling, nuclear medicine, etc.


The following is a sample of the Association’s most frequent activities:

  1. Awarding study and research grants and financing relevant research programmes and equipment acquisition.
  2. Collaborating on both national and international levels with studies or research and development programmes in alignment with its aims.
  3. Publish all its studies and provide IT support and other support in any other form relevant to the aims of the association.

Furthermore, the ASBL can develop additional activities that contribute directly or indirectly to achieving its goals, including, within legal limits, commercial activities the result of which will always be utilised entirely to further the non-profit aims of the Association.